The idea "Happy BobKat" came from my youngest, my warrior, Hattie. Hattie is a powerful creature. She has a mind and a will way beyond her years. At eighteen months old Hattie was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare blood cancer. We learnt how to channel power into her, in words, in songs, in chemo.

Everyday I told her not to BE strong but that she WAS strong. 


Hattie won't be the first or the last child that needs someone to unconditionally believe in them, regardless of the odds. Words can be so powerful, especially a parents words to a child. 


I hope my prints can make a difference. 

"Be who you needed when you were younger"



I am Katie, mum of two superheroes, Dexter and Hattie.

My children have inspired me to make simple, beautiful prints that aim to boost self-esteem and promote a positive mind that sometimes spoken efforts go unheard. I truly believe that kids take messages on board when they are short, easy to understand and are repeated over and over.

Stimulating self-esteem in a positive way has huge life long benefits and can play a role in positive mental health as an adult. I have tried to harness this with compliments, empowering words, encouraging coping strategies and boosting inner thoughts.

My first collection of prints are bold, to the point and are meant to be placed somewhere at home where your child will see them day in/day out. 

Every child is so different, even in one family, so there are various choices of words and sentiments that I hope will resound with all our wonderfully different children and their unique personalities. If you are unsure of which print to choose for your own child/children please read the captions for the thoughts behind each print.



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